Washington Square Chapters 21 and 22 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 21 and 22 Summary and Analysis

Dr. Sloper visits Mrs. Almond, the sister who is most in sympathy with his personality and worldview. He remarks again that he thinks that Catherine will indeed “stick.” Yet in this case he means that she is going to wait. He is not sure if, in the end, she will decide to marry Morris Townsend, but at the moment she is fulfilling his expectations of waiting. Mrs. Almond is bothered by his seeming disinterestedness in the happiness of his own daughter. The siblings discuss whether the word cling is a better term than stick concerning Catherine’s current behavior. Dr. Sloper discusses the possibility of taking Catherine to Europe, ostensibly to “polish her up.” Mrs. Almond...

(The entire section is 1130 words.)