Warriors Don't Cry

by Melba Pattillo Beals

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Why does Melba use diary and newspaper clippings in Warriors Don't Cry? How do these sources help her?

Expert Answers

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Melba used her diary and newspaper clips in the book to convey a sense of immediacy and make the events through which she lived and that she helped to shape more real.

These primary sources are helpful to her as an author in that they help the reader to gain a much better understanding of the struggle for civil rights and how it impacted Melba and the many other people involved in it.

Most people reading Warriors Don't Cry won't have any kind of direct experience with the kind of historical events depicted in the book. To them, these events will seem somewhat remote, a part of a distant past receding further and further into history.

But by using extracts from her diary and newspaper clips to help tell her story, Melba is using materials with which most people can identify, thus making the groundbreaking events of her life and her part in shaping them seem more real than they otherwise might do in a standard history textbook.

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