Ward S(wift) Just D. Keith Mano - Essay

D. Keith Mano

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"Media" is one of those prodigal words: long ago it left home to set up a bachelor loft in SoHo. Yet the progenitorial meaning deserves regard. "Medium. 1. a middle state or condition; mean." E.g.: steaks done media rare.

Media people inhabit a forlorn sheol: homeless, separate, strung between fact and fact-chosen-for-public-edification….

Ward Just, who has been a war correspondent, can appreciate the media between-world. His arresting, cohesive collection [Honor, Power, Riches, Fame, and the Love of Women] (two novellas, four short stories) will modulate and vary this distinctive theme. There are six people: all have been, in some degree, detached or bereaved by an...

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