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Emika Chen. She is the main character of the story. She is a strong female lead who fights evil and corruption. She is outspoken and determined. Emika is tattooed and has rainbow dyed hair. She works as a bounty hunter for the game, Warcross. In this role she tracks down hackers who are betting on the game illegally. She ends up accidentally entering a tournament and making a name for herself. She becomes so popular that the creator of the game invites her to do further work for him. She is tasked with hunting down a hacker named Zero.

Hideo Tanaka. He is the billionaire creator of the game. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and is famously mysterious. Little is known about him by the players of the game. Emika considers it a great honor to be invited to work for him. She is sent to Tokyo and lives the life of the rich and famous. Hideo grows closer to Emika and begins to have feelings for her. He even takes her to meet his parents who are not in good health. Emika learns that Hideo’s younger brother was kidnapped years ago. Hideo created Warcross in his memory. At the end of the novel, a plot twist makes Hideo the antagonist. The technology he created can control people’s minds, even after the game is over.

Sasuke (Zero). For most of the novel he is known as Zero. He is a skilled hacker who represents a threat to the Warcross game. Emika is hired to take him down. He plays in the Dark World, which is a parallel universe to Warcross. Emika tracks him down but he is virtually unidentifiable. Emika’s teammates betray her and corner her with Zero. He makes an ultimatum with her that she refuses. In retaliation, he erases her memories of her father and blows up the building her team is staying in. Emika learns of Hideo’s evil plans and also learns that Zero is working to disable Hideo. In a final plot twist, it becomes apparent that Zero is really, Sasuke, Hideo’s long lost brother.

Hammie, Roshan, & DJ Ren. These are all of Emika’s teammates on The Phoenix Riders. Emika hacks into their accounts and learns that Ren is involved in the Dark World. This is how she gains access to Zero. Ren is ultimately kicked off the team.