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Warcross is a young adult fantasy/science fiction novel that provides readers with a dystopian alternate reality. Warcross is a virtual game in the story that takes on a life of its own. Everyone across the globe plays. It has as large a following as facebook. At the very least Warcross offers characters a respite from their daily lives. For some, Warcross is a livelihood and a way of life.

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The world Lu creates is dystopian. There is corruption around every corner and extreme poverty. Warcross is the one place where, unlike reality, all players have equal access to notoriety and fame. Emika is the prime example of this. She starts the story as a nobody. She is a bounty hunter for the game and is playing to gain some extra cash. With the opportunity to show off her skills, she becomes a global sensation overnight. Soon she is flying to Japan to meet the billionaire creator. Warcross offers the closest thing to a meritocratic world that the players have access to. However, we come to learn that even Warcross is corrupt. Adding to the dystopian nature of the story, the creator of the game has a diabolical plan to control players' brains through the technology. In a similar fashion to the popular television show Black Mirror, Warcross is a cautionary tale about technology. While Warcross offers players a getaway from reality, it is not paradise. Lu questions the intentions and impacts of technology on youth.

Importantly, Lu also offers a female protagonist who works to counter the evils of technology. Emika, the main character, is unabashedly loud and outspoken. She has rainbow dyed hair and is covered in tattoos. In addition to a female lead, the story also has openly queer characters and is set all over the globe. Like many writers of young adult fiction, Warcross is very diverse and relatable to many.

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