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Warcross is a young adult novel about gaming culture and a drama the ensues. In the story, Warcross is an online game that takes on a life of its own. Similar to quidditch in Harry Potter, Warcross is iconic in the story. Warcross has players from across the world who take the game incredibly seriously. For some, playing Warcross is a full-time job. The game gets so competitive that it involves money. There are some who bet on the game illegally. The game hires bounty hunters to catch the players who are betting.

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Emika is the main character. She is a young girl who is struggling financially. She has a colorful personality and is tattooed with rainbow hair. To help support herself she does bounty hunting work. At the spur of the moment she decides to hack into the Warcross Championships. A glitch takes place and next thing she knows she is competing in the games.

She immediately gains fame and is contacted by the game’s creator, Hideo Tanaka. He is a mysterious billionaire who offers her a new position working for the game. He asks her to help him spy on the tournament to track down any security problems. She is flown to Tokyo and begins working. Her job is to take down a hacker named Zero. Emika enters the tournament as a wild card and is drafted for The Phoenix Riders. She discovers that one of her teammates has connections with the Dark World. Through this player she tracks down Zero, however, he is virtually unidentifiable. Throughout the work Hideo and Emika grow closer and closer.

Emika’s teammates start to grow suspicious of her and trap her with Zero. He gives her an ultimatum and when she refuses he retaliates by erasing some of her memories and blowing up the building the team is in. Emika vows to take down Zero and comes clean to her teammates. She discovers that there are other bounty hunters out there. The tournament ensues and Emika learns that Zero intends to stop Hideo. Hideo then discloses that some of the technology used to play the game controls the players' brains even after the game has ended. Emika calls for a meeting with several other players and devises a plan. Here she learns that Zero is, in fact, Hideo’s long lost brother. He requests Emika’s help one last time and the novel ends.

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