The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The plot of War with the Newts is comparatively simple. What makes the book provocative and memorable are its multiple satiric targets and wealth of satiric detail. The story opens with J. van Toch, a crusty, disenchanted sea captain, a parody of a character out of a Joseph Conrad sea story, who is looking for pearls somewhere west of Sumatra. The Ceylonese pearl fisheries have been depleted, so he has to find new ones. When he learns that terrified Bataks will not dive at Devil Bay, he investigates and discovers that the supposed sea devils there are actually newts, a species of giant salamander. The newt population has been kept down by sharks, but when Captain van Toch provides knives and harpoons with which to kill the sharks, the grateful newts supply him with a fortune in pearls. The newts also show a genius for underwater engineering and build breakwaters to keep out sharks.

Once they are safe, the newts multiply rapidly. When there are no more pearls left in Devil Bay, Captain van Toch (who is Czech, despite his Dutch-sounding name) goes to Prague to negotiate with Bondy, a financier, to export newts to other pearl islands and to establish newt farms.

When Captain van Toch dies, his “old, exotic, colonial, almost heroic style,” in the manner of Jack London and Joseph Conrad, is ended, and unscrupulous businesspeople take over. Soon the pearl market is glutted. The newts are proliferating so rapidly that the Salamander...

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War with the Newts Literary Techniques

In 1917 Karel Capek got his first job as a journalist and it is fair to say that, while his journalistic prose is invariably artistic, his...

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War with the Newts Ideas for Group Discussions

Capek's mock-journalistic adventure story is a hard-hitting but hilarious anatomy of what, in one of his artistically most successful films,...

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War with the Newts Social Concerns

After the publication of War with the Newts, when Hitler's campaign of political and military intimidation continued unopposed, it...

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War with the Newts Literary Precedents

War with the Newts did not spring out of nowhere either in intellectual or literary terms. Its themes and narrative treatment have...

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War with the Newts Adaptations

There seem to have been only two attempts at adaptation of this satirically entertaining and complex novel. In 1958 Kenneth Sylvia reworked...

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