The War of 1812

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When was Catherine Lundy born and when did she die? What was her role during the War of 1812?

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Well, considering the Battle at Niagara Falls is also called "The Battle of Lundy's Lane," I would say that Catherine Lundy was a special woman indeed in regards to the War of 1812! 

In short, one of the bloodiest battles in Canada was fought near her property and on the road named after her (hence the name of the battle)!  Lundy is known as kind of a saint.  She gave water to British troops and nursed the wounded.  As is indicated above, one British officer was so thankful that he visited Lundy and gave her his sword.

In regards to exact birth and death, there isn't any definitive information on Catherine Lundy; however, it can be assumed that she was born in the very late 1700s and died sometime near the middle of the 19th century.  (This is based on  the fact that she was still in her "teens" at the break of the battle and the fact that she had eight children with Thomas Lundy.) 

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Catherine Lundy played a humanitarian role during the War of 1812 Battle of Lundy's Lane (aka Battle of Niagara Falls) on July 25, 1814. The battle took place about one mile east of her family's property (her husband was Thomas Lundy) along the road that bore the family name. Though married, Catherine was "still in her early teens" when the bloodiest battle of the war erupted nearby. She distributed water to the advancing British soldiers as they made their way to the battlefield, and nursed the casualties "in her kitchen" during and following the battle. After the battle, a British victory which resulted in a casualty rate approaching 30% for both sides, Catherine was rewarded for her kindness when

... a senior British officer paid Mrs. Lundy a visit and presented her with his sword.

Catherine's husband, Thomas, was the son of the pioneer (William Lundy) who had settled on the property in the early 1790s. Born Catherine Shannon, she and Thomas had eight children. After exhaustive research, I have not been able to come up with dates for either the birth or death of Catherine.

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