Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Augustin Meaulnes

Augustin Meaulnes (oh-gews-TA[N] MOHL-neh), a romantic, dreamily adventurous new boy at Sainte-Agathe’s School who magnetically draws the other children to him. After leaving Sainte-Agathe’s, he lives in Paris with Valentine, whom he angrily leaves after learning of her love for Frantz. He marries and deserts Yvonne, but later, grief-stricken when informed of Yvonne’s death, he lovingly accepts the care of his young daughter.

François Seurel

François Seurel (frah[n]-SWAH sew-REHL), the son of M. and Mme Seurel. Prevented by a hip infection from playing with the village boys, he idolizes Meaulnes. After completing his own schooling, he joins his parents as a teacher in the school. He brings Yvonne and the wandering Meaulnes together and is saddened and puzzled over Meaulnes’ later desertion of her.

Frantz de Galais

Frantz de Galais (frah[n]ts deh gah-LAY), an unhappy young aristocrat who joins a gypsy band after losing his fiancée and who later remains briefly at Sainte-Agathe’s. Through Meaulnes, he finally finds his lost love.

Yvonne de Galais

Yvonne de Galais, Frantz’s sister, loved by Meaulnes, who marries and then deserts her. She dies after the birth of a daughter.

Valentine Blondeau

Valentine Blondeau (vah-lah[n]-TEEN blohn-DOH), Frantz’s fiancée, a peasant girl who flees from her home because she believes that a peasant girl should not marry an aristocrat. She becomes a dressmaker in Paris. She is later the mistress of Meaulnes, who deserts her when he discovers that she is Frantz’s lost fiancée. Through Meaulnes, the separated lovers are at last reunited....

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