Walter Map Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Bennett, R. E. "Walter Map's 'Sadius and Galo.'" Speculum XVI, No. I (January 1941): 34-56.

Provides a summary of one of the tales in Map's De Nugis Curialium in order to demonstrate Map's skill and "command" over the elements of chivalric stories.

Brooke, Christopher. "Fiction: The Holy Grail and Walter Map." In The Twelfth Century Renaissance, pp. 170-74. London: Thames and Hudson, 1969.

Briefly reviews some of Map's tales and observes that De Nugis Curialium would have been transcribed not by Map but by his secretary; Brooke adds that few of his contemporaries would have read it.

——. "Introduction." In Walter Map, De Nugis Curialium: Courtiers' Trifles, edited and translated by M. R. James; revised by C. N. L. Brooke and R. A. B. Mynors, pp. xiii-1. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983.

Positively assesses James's translation of Map, but also explains its weaknesses and the ways in which Brooke and Mynors relied on updated methods to revise that translation and reinstate portions of Map's original prose.

Lawler, Traugott. "Medieval Annotation: The Example of the Commentaries on Walter Map's Dissuasio Valerii." In Annotations and Its Texts, edited by Stephen A. Barney, pp. 94-107. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991.

Discusses the range and representative nature of the annotations made by fourteenth-century scholars on Walter Map's twelfth-century epistle.

Peeters, L. "Walter Map's 'De Gradone Milite Strenuissimo'." In Amsterdamer Beiträge zur Älteren Germanistik, Volume 1, edited by Cola Minis, pp. 51-88. Amsterdam, 1972.

Examines a particular story in Map's De Nugis Curialium, arguing that it has been misunderstood by scholars.