Walter Farley

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Louise S. Bechtel

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In each Farley stallion story, the material has become more adult, and the style more tense and emotional. The plots are all about the same….

["The Black Stallion Revolts" is] a thriller, packed with excitement and violence, dominated by the idea of Alec's legendary power over his beloved wild horse. Some readers of under twelve would have bad dreams after such fare, but now most of the Farley fans are over twelve, and can take it. A boy wanted for murder wins a race (and what a race!) and proves his lost identity. What more could you ask, except the hint at the end about another book? Well, you could say you did not care for this sort of improbable doings to feed your thoughts, not this sort of excitement to rouse your emotions. But many thousands of boys are following Alec with delight.

Louise S. Bechtel, "Books for Boys and Girls: 'The Black Stallion Revolts'," in New York Herald Tribune Books (© I.H.T. Corporation; reprinted by permission), Vol. 30, No. 8, October 4, 1953, p. 12.

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