(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

The Walls of Windy Troy, a biography of the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann, has all the appeal of an old-fashioned novel in its description of a poor boy's rise to prominence as a result of hard work and keen intelligence. Braymer skillfully weaves together the fascinating archeological story of the discovery of the site of ancient Troy and the equally astonishing story of Schliemann's life. Schliemann's obsession with Troy, launched when he is only eight years old, provides young readers with an impressive example of determination. Not only does he have an early sense of his life's mission, but he is also patient enough to devote more than three decades to amassing the wealth necessary to achieve his goal. An amateur archeologist whose deductions about the site of Troy earn him the ridicule of the community of professional archeologists, Schliemann is an underdog figure who eventually proves triumphant over his doubters.

(The entire section is 151 words.)