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(Short Stories for Students)

Ramon Gris
Ramon Gris is an anarchist and colleague of Pablo’s. The Falangists attempt to get Pablo to tell them Ramon’s location. Pablo unwittingly tells the Falangists where Ramon is, allowing the Falangists to kill him.

Pablo Ibbietta
Pablo is the narrator and protagonist of the story. He has been condemned to death for his anarchist activities on behalf of Spain’s Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. He deals with his impending death by detaching himself from life. He feels alienated from his own body, from the other condemned men who share his cell, and from his own past.

Pablo has the opportunity to save his own life when the officers ask him to give up the location of a fellow anarchist, Ramon Gris. Pablo chooses not to expose Pablo’s hiding place, but instead hopes to make fools of the officers by giving them a random location, thereby sending them on a wild goose chase. However, it turns out that Pablo’s ‘‘joke’’ causes Ramon’s death,...

(The entire section is 347 words.)