Walk Two Moons Topics for Discussion
by Sharon Creech

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Sal refers to Phoebe's story as being "like the plaster wall in our old house in Bybanks, Kentucky." Explain this statement.

2. What are the real reasons Sal goes on a trip with her grandparents?

3. Phoebe believes a lunatic has shown up at her door. Do you believe her conclusions are justified? Why or why not? What is her Mother's response to finding out about the visitor?

4. Compare Phoebe's family with Mary Lou's family. Which would you rather be around and why?

5. In Chapter 11, Sal makes observations about Mrs. Winterbottom and her family. Explain the observations. What is Sal's reaction to her observations?

6. During the trip Sal is not the only one who spins a yarn. What stories do Gramps and Gram tell? How would you describe Gram and Gramps and their relationship?

7. Throughout the novel Sal refers to her Indianness. How is this significant to the story? Why is this important to Sal? Explain your answers.

8. In the chapter, "Bravery," Sal does not view herself as brave. Explain how her opinion/definition of bravery has changed by the end of the novel.