Walk Two Moons Ideas for Reports and Papers
by Sharon Creech

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. The Winterbottoms receive messages throughout the story. Although the sender of the messages has no purpose other than fun, the messages connect to Phoebe's family. Choose one of the messages to explore its possible meanings. Include how the message connected to Phoebe's family situation. Report to the class.

2. The trip from Ohio to Idaho is essential to the story. Choose one of the sites (i.e. The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, etc.) that Sal visited to research. Create a travel brochure for your site. Make a commercial soliciting vacationers to come to your site.

3. Sal and her mother, Sugar, are of Seneca Native American decent. Find out more about the Seneca Indians. If possible, conduct an interview with a Seneca Native American. Report your research to the class or invite the interviewee to class to speak.

4. Should Gramps have allowed Sal to drive to Lewiston alone? Have two students prepare for a debate, one student in support of Gramps' decision and one against. Research court cases where the law has been in question. Cite examples from cases, where the law has been in question.

5. Write an additional chapter to Walk Two Moons about what happens to Sal in Bybanks, Kentucky.

6. Read one of the titles from "For Further Reference". Compare your chosen book with Walk Two Moons and present a synopsis to the class.