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How did Sal react to her mother's departure in Walk Two Moons?

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In Chapter 7, we learn how much Sal suffered when her mother left. Sal recalls that she felt numb for days after her mother's departure. When her mother was present, Sal always mirrored her moods. So, after her mother left, Sal did not know how to approach life on her own terms. Eventually, Sal found to her surprise that she could feel emotions that were just her own. 

In Chapter 18, Sal recalls throwing terrible temper tantrums after an initial adjustment phase. Essentially, Sal went through a gamut of emotions after her mother left: from numbness to explosive anger. 

Sal remembers that she had begged her mother to take her along. Her mother had replied that Sal could not miss school and that her father needed her at home. Additionally, Sal's mother felt that she had to go alone. Sal's mother promised that she would be back before the tulips bloomed. However, Sal recalls sadly that her mother did not keep her word.

Sal also remembers that her father put the farm up for sale when he realized that his wife was not coming back. To Sal, leaving the farm was a difficult experience. She had not wanted to leave the place that her mother could return to.

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