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AP Language & Comp/Walden Presentations 5th Hour Based on our class discussion, these are the four reasons YOU decided Walden was important to study:

  • Walden challenges comprehension
  • Walden exposes students to new writing styles, non-fiction, new vocabulary and other literary devices
  • Walden exposes students to new ways of thinking.
  • Walden gives advice on how to live one’s life

Based on these reasons, you will be required to complete the following for your assigned chapters.

Begin with a BRIEF summary of both chapters.

Presentation Components (Time frame: 15-20 minutes):

Writing Style

  • This is a broad category. It includes word choice, phrase, sentence, and paragraph structure and order (syntax), tone, voice, point of view, purpose or intent, rhetorical strategy (narration, description, exposition, comparison, cause & effect, persuasion), and elements of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole).
  • Your job: Select a passage or two of 2-3 paragraphs and record it on a slide. Using any critical reading strategies you choose, highlight the elements of HDT’s writing style that you and your group-mates note. Be clear and specific.


  • Your job: Identify 5 words that you didn’t know prior to reading Walden and introduce us to the words. Please select words that are in current use. Introduce us to the word:
  • Correct pronunciation and spelling
  • Word origin (Latin? Greek? Other?)
  • Any parts of the word: prefixes, suffixes, roots.
  • Dictionary definition
  • The word in the context of the text (in a sentence).


  • Your job: Provide an overview of the BIG IDEAS in the passage. Summarize and clarify. Connect to any other ideas from your reading. Indicate how these ideas impact your life and the lives of your fellow students.

Things to note: You will need to present this to the class in a PowerPointpresentation. You should work to include your classmate audience in yourpresentation as much as possible. Work hard. Work smart. Plan to be here on the day your group is scheduled to present. Some online sources for Walden text include

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Students are assigned chapter(s) of "Walden" and must present each chapter to the class, focusing on Thoreau's use of language and style. Used for AP Language and Composition.