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Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

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Act I, Section A-5: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Estragon want Pozzo to repay him for being “civil” to him?

2. What does Pozzo suggest as repayment?

3. What does Estragon want Lucky to do? What does Vladimir want Lucky to do?

4. What is Estragon’s reaction to Lucky’s dance?

5. What is the name of Lucky’s dance? Why does he call it that?

6. Why did Lucky finally put down his bags?

7. Before Lucky thinks, what does he need?

8. How do Estragon, Vladimir, and Pozzo react to Lucky’s speech?

9. How do they get him to stop?

10. At the end of this section, what has Pozzo misplaced? Where does he think it may be?

1. Estragon wants Pozzo to repay him with money; first ten francs, then five.

2. Pozzo suggests that he have Lucky perform for them, either dance, or sing, or think, or recite.

3. Estragon wants Lucky to dance; Vladimir wants Lucky to think.

4. Estragon is disappointed in the dance; he thinks he can do as well. He tries, but fails.

5. Lucky calls the dance, “The Net,” because he thinks of himself entangled in a net.

6. He put down his bags in order to dance.

7. Before he can think, he needs to have his hat on his head.

8. All three men get more and more agitated during Lucky’s speech. They all try to get him to stop.

9. At long last, they get him to stop by removing his hat.

10. Pozzo can’t find his watch or half-hunter that his Grandfather gave him. He thinks he left it at home.

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