Act I, Section A-3: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How are Vladimir and Estragon feeling when Lucky and Pozzo enter?

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2. What are Vladimir and Estragon holding when they enter?

3. How does Pozzo describe Lucky when they arrive?

4. Who does Estragon think Pozzo is?

5. What other names do the men associate with the name “Pozzo?”

6. Why does Pozzo burst into “an enormous laugh?”

7. Why does Pozzo conclude that Estragon and Vladimir have the right to be on his property?

8. Why is Pozzo happy to see the two men?

9. Why can’t Lucky hold the whip in his hand?

10. What possessions does Pozzo seem to be travelling with?

1. They are frightened, “huddled together, shoulders hunched, cringing away.”

2. Pozzo is holding the end of a rope that is around Lucky’s neck. Lucky is carrying a heavy load of baggage.

3. Pozzo says that Lucky is wicked with strangers.

4. Estragon thinks Pozzo is Godot.

5. Estragon thinks he is saying his name is “Booz.” Vladimir remembers a family named “Gozzo.”

6. Pozzo thinks it is funny that he Estragon and Vladimir can be classified as humans, like himself, “Made in God’s image.”

7. Pozzo says that while he owns the property, the road is public property.

8. He is happy to see them because he has been travelling for a long time without seeing anyone.

9. Lucky’s hands are filled with the bag, basket, and stool.

10. Pozzo has a bag, basket, stool, coat, whip, glasses, watch, and slave.

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