Act I, Section A-2: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who are Vladimir and Estragon waiting for? Why?

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2. Where does Estragon think the men were yesterday?

3. What are the nicknames of the characters?

4. Why does Estragon pull away from Vladimir when they embrace?

5. Why does Estragon want to hang himself “immediately?”

6. Why won’t Estragon and Vladimir hang themselves?

7. What will Godot have to do before he promises them anything?

8. What food does Vladimir have in his pocket?

9. What is the difference in the way Estragon and Vladimir approach food?

10. Estragon repeats “Nothing to be done.” Why?

1. They are waiting for someone named Godot, because he told them to wait for him. They hope he will help them in some way.

2. Estragon thinks they were exactly in the same place yesterday.

3. Estragon is called Gogo; Vladimir is called Didi.

4. Estragon pulls away because Vladimir has bad breath from the garlic he eats.

5. Estragon wants to hang himself because Vladimir suggests it would give him an erection.

6. There isn’t any way they could hang themselves without one of the men remaining alive.

7. Godot will have to consult with his family, friends, agents, correspondents, books, and bank account.

8. Vladimir has turnips and a carrot in his pocket.

9. Estragon thinks the more food he eats, the worse it tastes. Vladimir feels the more he eats, the better it gets.

10. There is nothing to be done about his or Estragon’s essential character.

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