Waiting for Godot Act II, Section B-5: Questions and Answers

Samuel Beckett

Act II, Section B-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens to Pozzo and Lucky after they leave?

2. What was Estragon’s feeling in his dream?

3. What event has Estragon forgotten?

4. What does Vladimir know about Estragon’s character?

5. Who arrives?

6. What is the difference between the way the boy delivers the message this time and the way it was done in A-6?

7. What happened to the boy’s brother?

8. What new facts about Godot does the boy reveal?

9. What does Vladimir say will happen if the men forget about Godot?

10. What will they do when they return tomorrow?

1. After they leave, they fall down.

2. In his dream, he was feeling happy.

3. Estragon has forgotten that Lucky and Pozzo passed by again.

4. He knows that Estragon will awaken and remember nothing about what has happened. Estragon will complain about his injuries, and be hungry.

5. Godot’s messenger arrives.

6. This time, Vladimir knows the message by heart, and says it himself. The boy merely confirms the facts.

7. The boy’s brother is sick.

8. He describes Godot as having a white beard.

9. If the men choose to forget Godot, he may punish them.

10. They will try to hang themselves with a stronger rope, unless Godot arrives to save them.