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Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

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Act II, Section B-4: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where are the men at the beginning of this section?

2. What does Estragon want to do now?

3. What does Vladimir do to Pozzo?

4. What does Pozzo do?

5. What names does Estragon use to call Pozzo?

6. After Estragon and Vladimir get up, what do they decide to do?

7. Why is Pozzo asking about the time?

8. How does Pozzo suggest that Estragon go about rousing Lucky?

9. What does Estragon do?

10. Why can’t Lucky entertain the men as before?

1. The men are all on the ground.

2. Estragon wants to take a nap.

3. Vladimir hits Pozzo.

4. Pozzo cries out in pain and crawls away. He continues to call for help.

5. Estragon calls Pozzo “Abel”, and then “Cain”.

6. They decide to help Pozzo get up. When he falls, they help him up again, and support his body.

7. Pozzo is blind and has no conception of time.

8. Pozzo suggests that Estragon first pull on the rope. If that doesn’t work, he should kick him in his face and in his groin.

9. Estragon starts yelling at Lucky, and kicking him. However, he hurts his own foot in the process.

10. Lucky cannot sing, think, or recite because he cannot speak anymore.

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