Act II, Section B-3: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What physical changes are apparent in Lucky and Pozzo?

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2. What happens when they first enter?

3. What does Pozzo keep asking for?

4. Who does Estragon think it is?

5. What does Estragon want from Pozzo?

6. What two things does Vladimir suggest may occur?

7. How does Estragon summarize Vladimir’s rhetoric?

8. How does Pozzo try to get the men to help him?

9. What happens when Vladimir tries to help Pozzo get up? What happens to Estragon when he tries to help Vladimir?

10. How are all four characters alike at the end of this section?

1. The rope that connects them is shorter. Lucky is wearing a different hat.

2. Lucky stops short upon seeing Vladimir and Estragon. Pozzo bumps into him, and they both fall.

3. Pozzo keeps asking for help.

4. Estragon again thinks he is Godot.

5. Estragon wants more food from Pozzo.

6. Vladimir suggests that either Godot will come or night will fall.

7. Estragon summarizes it as, “We are all born mad. Some remain so.”

8. He offers them money.

9. Vladimir falls, then Estragon falls.

10. All four characters are men; all four characters are down on the ground.

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