Abstract illustration of two hats under a leafless tree in black and white

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

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Act II , Section B-2: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Vladimir notice about the tree?

2. What does Vladimir remember?

3. What does Estragon remember?

4. What does Estragon say about the boots?

5. What is different about the food Vladimir has in his pocket now compared with the food he had in A-2?

6. What is different about the boots?

7. How does Vladimir try to help Estragon get sleep?

8. What has Lucky left behind? What do they do with it?

9. Who plays Lucky? Who plays Pozzo?

10. What insults do they hurl at each other?

1. Vladimir notices that the tree, which seemed dead before, has grown leaves.

2. Vladimir remembers everything. He remembers the scenery and the exchange with Lucky and Pozzo.

3. Estragon remembers that he was kicked.

4. Estragon says that the boots are not his. He says his were black or a kind of gray, and these are brownish green.

5. Vladimir had edible food in his pocket in A-2; now all he has are turnips and one black radish.

6. The boots seem to fit Estragon now.

7. Vladimir sings Estragon a lullaby.

8. Lucky left his hat behind. Vladimir picks it up and puts it on his head. Then he and Estragon play a game of exchanging hats that ends with Vladimir wearing Lucky’s hat.

9. Vladimir plays Lucky; Estragon plays Pozzo.

10. They call each other “Moron,” “Vermin,” “Abortion,” “Morpion,” “Sewer-rat,” “Curate,” and “Cretin.”

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