Abstract illustration of two hats under a leafless tree in black and white

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

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Act II, Section B-1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where and when does Act II begin?

2. What does Vladimir do when he enters?

3. What is Vladimir’s reaction to seeing Estragon?

4. What is Estragon’s reaction to seeing Vladimir?

5. What happened to Estragon in the night?

6. What does Vladimir remember about the tree?

7. What does Estragon say about his memory?

8. What country does Estragon think they are in now? What country does Vladimir remember?

9. Why does Estragon think they need to keep talking?

10. Why are the two men there again?

1. Act II begins in the same place on the next day.

2. When Vladimir enters, he comes and goes on stage, examines the boots, and sings a song.

3. Vladimir seems happy to see Estragon and wants to hug him.

4. Estragon is angry at Vladimir. He is horrified that Vladimir seems so happy when the two of them are apart. He is upset that Vladimir left him alone.

5. Estragon was beaten again in the night by ten strangers.

6. He remembers that they wanted to hang themselves from it.

7. Either he forgets things immediately or he never forgets them.

8. Estragon thinks they have always been in the Cackon country. Vladimir remembers being with Estragon in the Macon country.

9. Estragon thinks they need to talk in order to keep from thinking and listening to their own sad memories.

10. They are there waiting for Godot.

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