Waiting for Godot Questions and Answers

Samuel Beckett

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Who is Lucky?

Lucky gets his name because he has a job. This is symbolized by the rope around his neck. No doubt many people who work to enrich other people feel the way we would assume Lucky feels. He is earning a living, but he is not getting any satisfaction out of the work he does. The gibberish he speaks in his long monologue symbolizes that kind of work. He might be a lawyer, a salesman, an advertising copywriter, a speech writer for a politician, a hack television writer, a television game-show MC, or anything else that requires a lot of insincere and mercenary talking or writing. The name Lucky, of course, is ironic. He is obviously a slave. He will say anything whether it is true or not. He doesn't care about such things. After all, he is making a good living. He has become very glib, but the words he utters seem meaningless because they are meaningless to him. This would seem to be Beckett's view of the condition of modern middle-class man. There are many people who consider Lucky fortunate because he has a good job. They would gladly take his place if they could. There are many people like Pozzo who get rich by using people like Lucky. They need people like Lucky because they are inarticulate themselves. They are inarticulate because they are too gross to use language any way but bluntly. But they despise people like Lucky because he has no integrity left. He will jump through hoops if they tell him to.