Suggested Essay Topics

Act I, Section A-1
1. Estragon opens the play with the statement: “Nothing to be done.” What supports that statement in this section? What contradicts it?

2. What is the status of these men in society? How does Beckett convey this?

Act I, Section A-2
1. How does Beckett use language to define his characters and their relationship to each other?

2. Who does Godot seem to be at this point in the play? What could he possibly offer Estragon and Vladimir to improve their lives? Is there any suggestion that he might not appear?

Act I, Section A-3
1. Describe Pozzo and Lucky and their relationship to each other.

2. Compare the relationship between Vladimir and Estragon to the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky.

Act I, Section A-4
1. Does Pozzo’s character change during this section of the play? Does he seem to be the same character who entered at the beginning of Section A-3?

2. What evidence is there, in this section, that Pozzo and Lucky become part of a “play within a play?”

Act I, Section A-5
1. Estragon wants Lucky to dance; Vladimir wants him to think. How do their choices fit in with their general characters?

2. Lucky’s speech has been called gibberish or the “word-salad” of schizophrenics. What elements of it make sense?

Act I, Section A-6
1. How does...

(The entire section is 445 words.)