Waiting for Godot Act I, Section A-5: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act I, Section A-5: Summary and Analysis

Pozzo wants to repay Estragon and Vladimir for being “civil” to him. Although Estragon suggests money, Pozzo offers entertainment.

He proposes that Lucky dance, sing, recite, or think for them. Estragon suggests that Lucky first dance, then think. On command, Lucky puts down his bags and dances the same step twice.

Although this attempt proves disappointing, Vladimir wants to hear Lucky think. Pozzo insists that Vladimir return Lucky’s hat to his head in order to get him to perform. Once this task is accomplished, Pozzo commands, “Think, pig!”

Lucky does so. He shouts out a litany of remarks. At long last, Vladimir grabs his hat. Lucky falls and is finally silent....

(The entire section is 806 words.)