Waiting for Godot Act I, Section A-4: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act I, Section A-4: Summary and Analysis

Lucky goes back to his spot. Pozzo opens the basket, removes the chicken and wine, and starts eating.

Vladimir and Estragon takes a closer look at Lucky. They inspect his face and the sores on his neck. They wonder out loud whether he is “a halfwit” or “a cretin.”

Estragon wants the chicken bones Pozzo’s thrown on the ground. He is told to ask Lucky for permission to eat them. When Lucky ignores him, Pozzo grants him permission to eat them.

While Pozzo smokes his pipe, Vladimir and Estragon complain about the “disgrace” of Lucky’s treatment. They decide to leave. However, Pozzo reminds them about their appointment with Godot. He does not want them to go; he...

(The entire section is 971 words.)