Waiting for Godot Act I, Section A-3: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act I, Section A-3: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lucky: male, looks very old and tired; has long gray hair and bulging eyes; his neck has running sores caused by the rope that is tied around it; once a great dancer and thinker, he now serves as Pozzo’s slave; carries Pozzo’s things and responds to his commands; has a temper that he uses against Estragon, and cries easily

Pozzo: gentleman landowner; bald and old; commanding presence; sadistic owner of Lucky; occasionally wears glasses, smokes a pipe

Lucky enters with a rope around his neck. He is carrying “a heavy bag, a folding stool, a picnic basket and a greatcoat.” Behind him, jerking the end of the long rope, is Pozzo. He is cracking a whip and yelling...

(The entire section is 749 words.)