Waiting for Godot Act II, Section B-5: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act II, Section B-5: Summary and Analysis

Vladimir and Estragon are alone. Vladimir awakens Estragon,does not want to hear his dream, and wonders about Pozzo’s blindness. Estragon again asks if Pozzo was Godot.

Estragon’s feet hurt. Vladimir ponders the “truth” of what happened, and what will continue to happen.

The boy enters. He doesn’t recognize Vladimir and doesn’t remember being there before. Vladimir knows the message by heart. He says it for the boy. He asks the boy about his brother. “He’s sick, Sir,” the boy says. Vladimir asks if Godot has a beard, if it’s “fair” or “black.” The boy replies, “I think it’s white, Sir.”

Again, the boy wants to know what to tell Godot. “Tell...

(The entire section is 1039 words.)