Waiting for Godot Act II, Section B-4: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act II, Section B-4: Summary and Analysis

Pozzo crawls away but remains down. Vladimir, is afraid Pozzo is dying. Estragon responds by amusing himself. He calls Pozzo, “Abel,” and Lucky, “Cain.” Then he ponders a cloud.

Vladimir and Estragon decide to pass the time by helping Pozzo. Once up, Pozzo tells them he is blind. They carry him around for a while, then release him. Pozzo has lost his sense of time, and wants to locate Lucky. “Where is my menial?” he asks.

Vladimir suggests this is Estragon’s chance to get back at Lucky for kicking him. Lucky is down, and Estragon can revive him by following Pozzo’s suggestions of pulling the rope or giving him “a taste of his boot, in the face and the privates....”...

(The entire section is 784 words.)