Waiting for Godot Act II, Section B-3: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act II, Section B-3: Summary and Analysis

Pozzo and Lucky enter. Pozzo is now blind. Otherwise they seem the same. The rope is shorter than before and seems to be pulling Pozzo; the other trappings are the same. As they enter, Pozzo bumps into Lucky, and they both fall.

Vladimir recognizes Pozzo; Estragon thinks he is Godot. Although Pozzo asks for help again and again, his pleas are ignored.

Estragon and Vladimir discuss the situation. Vladimir philosophizes about this-and-that. Estragon concludes, “We are all born mad. Some remain so.”

Pozzo offers to pay for help. Vladimir finally attempts to pull him up, but fails. Estragon threatens to leave. Someone farts. Estragon tries to help Vladimir up, but he also...

(The entire section is 487 words.)