Waiting for Godot Act II , Section B-2: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act II , Section B-2: Summary and Analysis

Vladimir talks about what just occurred. He notices how the tree has changed. The tree was bare and black and now it is covered with leaves.

He tries to remind Estragon of the encounter with Pozzo and Lucky. He succeeds in finding Estragon’s wound. Then he sees Estragon’s boots. Estragon insists they are not his.

Estragon is tired and wants to leave. Vladimir reminds him about Godot.

This time, the only food in Vladimir’s pocket is a black radish and turnips. He offers to go find carrots, but he does not move.

Vladimir puts the boots on Estragon’s feet. They are loose but fit. Estragon sits on his mound and tries to sleep while Vladimir sings. At first,...

(The entire section is 503 words.)