Waiting for Godot Act II, Section B-1: Summary and Analysis

Samuel Beckett

Act II, Section B-1: Summary and Analysis

It is the next day, the same time, the same place. Estragon’s boots are where he left them, “heels together, toes splayed.” The tree has a few leaves.

Vladimir enters and sings a song. Estragon arrives, barefoot and unhappy. They greet each other and embrace. Vladimir’s singing made Estragon feel unwanted. “He’s all alone, he thinks I’m gone forever, and he sings.”

Vladimir tries to explain his mood, but can’t. Estragon’s been beaten again, this time by “ten of them.” Vladimir is reminded of Estragon’s dependence on him. They agree to say to each other, “We are happy.”

Vladimir remembers “yesterday,” the tree, Pozzo and Lucky, the scenery....

(The entire section is 697 words.)