Act I, Section A-1: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Estragon: (Gogo): half tramp, half clown, ex-poet, well over 50 years old; has sore feet, limps

Vladimir (Didi): once respectable friend of Gogo’s; protective but domineering; walks with short stiff strides and legs apart; has bladder pain

The play opens on a country road with a bare tree. It is evening. Estragon is sitting on a low mound, trying to remove his boot. “Nothing to be done,” he says, as Vladimir approaches.

They greet each other as before. They have been apart, at least for the night, and Estragon tells of having been beaten by strangers in a ditch. Vladimir reminds himself of the burden of caring for Estragon. Suicide seems...

(The entire section is 1202 words.)