W. P. Kinsella Short Fiction Analysis - Essay

W. P. Kinsella Short Fiction Analysis

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

W. P. Kinsella said that his storytelling skills resulted from growing up in an oral tradition. He and his Yugoslavian grandmother swapped stories, hers set in the hills near Dubrovnik, his in rural Alberta. Through this process, he learned to entertain by making his listener eager to hear what will happen next. Kinsella is a serious writer who sees the writer’s first duty as entertainment and thus makes his characters less cynical and angry than he is. He considers himself a realist who does not believe in magic, yet many of his stories are tall tales or fantasies. While his fiction is sometimes sentimental, it is nevertheless effective because of the compassion that he feels for characters confronted by the absurdities of a...

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