W(illiam) O(rmond) Mitchell 1914–

Canadian novelist, scriptwriter, dramatist, and short story writer.

Mitchell first became known by his radio series of the 1950s, Jake and the Kid, a warmly humorous serial about a loveable old man, his young companion, and their adventures in a small town in western Canada. Mitchell's subsequent writing reflects his close association with the Canadian landscape, notably the Saskatchewan prairie, and his keen awareness of the sensibility of children and the pleasures of boyhood. Who Has Seen the Wind exemplifies these thematic concerns and is considered by many to be his best work.

Some critics feel that Mitchell's strongest point is his ability to probe deeply into human nature, while others feel that his attempts at seriousness detract from his true talent which is to reveal, humorously, the quirks and foibles of daily life.

(See also Contemporary Authors, Vols. 77-80.)