W. H. Auden Contemporary Criticism (Vol. 4) - Essay

W. H. Auden Contemporary Criticism (Vol. 4)

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Auden, W(ystan) H(ugh) 1907–1973

Auden was an Anglo-American poet, critic, translator, librettist, anthologist, and, with Christopher Isherwood, dramatist. Auden has been called "our most catholic virtuoso, without whom our conception of who the poet is and what he does would be greatly impoverished." (See also Contemporary Authors, Vols. 9-12, rev. ed.; obituary, Vols. 45-48.)

The recent work [note, though, the date of Wilson's essay] of W. H. Auden has … taken the direction of returning to the older tradition of serviceable and vigorous English verse. His New Year Letter must be the best specimen of purely didactic verse since the end of the eighteenth century, and the alliterative...

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