V. S. Pritchett Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

V. S. Pritchett Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Two central forces shaped V. S. Pritchett’s artistry: his family and his urge to break away from it. The picture that Pritchett gives of his home life in A Cab at the Door is of a fantastic edifice of dreams, resounding with the words of Walter Pritchett—self-complacent, moralizing, and sometimes angry words. The family life Walter tried to create was a fantasy at which Beatrice chipped away. She wailed jealous complaints and remonstrated; she told stories about dead relatives, dead pets, and dead royalty; above all, she told jokes that ended with her bursting into hysterical laughter, rocking on her chair, and peering out at her audience from behind spread fingers, her skirts hoisted above her knees and her bloomers...

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