Vorticism Vorticist Painting - Essay

Vorticist Painting

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Ezra Pound

SOURCE: "Affirmations," in The New Age, Vol. XVI, No. 11, January, 14, 1915, pp. 277-8.

[In the following essay, Pound explains the forms and techniques of Vorticist painting.]

There is perhaps no more authentic sign of the senility of a certain generation of publicists (now, thank heaven, gradually fading from the world) than their abject terror in the face of motive ideas. An age may be said to be decadent, or a generation may be said to be in a state of prone senility, when its creative minds are dead and when its survivors maintain a mental dignity—to wit, the dignity or stationariness of a corpse in its cerements. Excess or...

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