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John Russell Taylor

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If we would rush to see new films by [Federico] Fellini, [Luchino] Visconti and De Sica, should we not rush with even more enthusiasm to get the three for the price of one? Perhaps we might, but if we do we shall be disappointed [in Boccaccio 70]. The three stories have only the vague and hopeful connection with Boccaccio that they are all faintly saucy, one being comic, one fantastic would-be satirical, and one sentimental. None of the directors is anywhere near his best and De Sica, as a matter of fact, is (one hopes) absolutely at his worst….

De Sica's episode, The Raffle, is an attempt to do Sophia Loren's pizza-seller bit from L'Oro di Napoli over again in colour and wide screen…. [De Sica is not much] of a comedy director; he can manage the light fantastic of Miracle in Milan, but the spirit of broad rustic farce eludes him, and a lot of frantic rushing round and face-making on the screen proves no substitute for real lightness of touch on the camera. (p. 91)

John Russell Taylor, "Film Reviews: 'Boccaccio 70'," in Sight and Sound (copyright © 1963 by The British Film Institute), Vol. 32, No. 2, Spring, 1963, pp. 91-2.

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