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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The two primary characters of The Virginians are the Warrington brothers. George, the older brother, is emotional and introverted, while his younger brother, Harry, is outgoing and gregarious. In this way, they serve as foils to one another as their lives intertwine throughout their adventures.

Rachel Esmond Warrington is the mother of the Warrington brothers and a haughty and proud woman. She is incredibly possessive of her children and cannot cope with them becoming adults. She is loyal to the British crown even through the American Revolution.

Beatrix Bernstein is Rachel Warrington's half sister. She seems disdainful of everyone in the world with the exception of Harry Warrington.

Maria Esmond is Beatrix's niece. Still unmarried in her forties, she claims to still be in her twenties and is positively predisposed to her cousin Harry Warrington.

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