Violence, Nudity, Adult Content by Vince Passaro

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Violence, Nudity, Adult Content

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In his first novel, Vince Passaro chronicles the life of Will Riordan, a young law firm associate trying to become a partner in a New York firm. Riordan works long, grueling hours on two high-profile cases involving rich clients. Unfortunately this lifestyle takes a toll on his marriage causing his wife to make him move out of their home.

The first client is Ursula, a young black woman who is held hostage and raped in her upscale apartment for six hours. In civil proceedings, she is suing the building owner for negligence due to a lapse in the promised security protection of the building allowing these men to break into her apartment. She has suffered severe psychological trauma.

The second client is Ron. At first, Will is drafting documents concerning Ron’s upcoming divorce. This all changes when Ron’s wife is found dead in a dumpster. Ron is then arrested for murder and this becomes a criminal case.

Throughout the book, Will struggles with his own conscience in dealing with these cases. He has lost his wife and family, and yet he still relentlessly follows his path to a partnership. In the end, Will successfully concludes both cases with Ursula getting a large financial settlement and with the charges against Ron being dismissed. He then goes home to salvage his marriage.

The title of this book, Violence, Nudity, Adult Content, is very fitting because it is certainly overflowing with adult content. There are several long descriptive sexual narratives randomly placed throughout the book. However, much of this sexual content seems to be unrelated to the actual story. It seems to be thrown in for shock value. This content is overdone and detracts from the book as a whole.