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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Darian North’s VIOLATION combines two of the most traumatic situations that can be visited on any individual. First of all, there is little doubt that a person forced to have sexual relations by force will be irretrievably altered by the experience. It must also be accepted, that the thought a child might be placed in harm’s way by a stranger, either in consequence of kidnapping or seduction, is one which does not sit well with most parents. VIOLATION not only combines these two nightmares, but adds a further complication in the bargain.

Althea Auben was raped when a high school party went horribly wrong. Furthermore, she was left beaten, comatose, and pregnant. However, despite all predictions to the contrary she survived her injuries, bore her child, and built a life far from her home. She does not tell her son of the circumstances of his conception. A decision which comes to haunt her when her carefully constructed past begins to unravel. A circumstance which leads her son to seek answers she will not, indeed cannot, provide. In pursuit of his past, tier teenage son runs away.

Althea must abandon her comfortable cocoon, and with the help of the only man she even partially trusts, searches for her son and the truth about herself. As she soon discovers, what she believes about her attack and her attacker is not in accord with reality. Her son is out there, and so is the man who brutalized her.

Darian North examined all aspects of his story in consequence of academic research and personal interviews. His characters ring true and his tale is one well worth pursuing. VIOLATION is not a graphic tale, but its minimalist approach evokes a terror that is all the more compelling. Despite its subject, this book must be read.