The View from Saturday

by E. L. Konigsburg

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. The theme of resettling recurs throughout The View from Saturday. Locate these references and describe the context in which they are situated. How do they pertain to The Souls, Mrs. Olinski, and the remaining minor characters?

2. "Everyone—even those who had not had diversity training at taxpayer expense—knew that even though it was correct to recognize a person's ethnicity, it was not correct to comment upon it in public." Is this true? What are other unspoken rules for diversity?

3. How does the turtle analogy reflect Nadia and her father?

4. What important events happen at Sillington House? What do these events tell us about the characters of The View from Saturday?

5. How important for Nadia's personal growth are her experiences in Florida? How do these experiences lay the foundation for the themes of The View from Saturday?

6. What effects on young adult readers are intended by the multiple-voice narration of The View from Saturday? Does this narrative structure confuse them, as Ilene Cooper (see "For further Reference") suggests, or does Konigburg succeed in her aims? What aspects of this narrative method might confuse young readers? What aspects promote a greater subtlety in storytelling?

7. How well developed in the novel are Mrs. Olinski, Nadia, Ethan, Noah, and Julian? Are they well-rounded in the fullest sense of meaning that one may perceive the complexity of their minds and the layers of their personalities? How does Konigsburg try to reveal their inner lives? How successful is she? What, if anything, would you require to make the characters come alive for you?

8. What is being done to save the endangered turtle species mentioned in The View from Saturday? What efforts seem to work best? What are the challenges people must overcome in order to save the turtles from extinction? What are the chances for success?

9. Mr. Singh says that Noah returned from Century Village, Nadia from the Sargasso Sea, and that Ethan's journey was on a school bus. What were these journeys? What did each youngster find on his or her journey?

10. Mr. Singh says, "Noah, Nadia, and Ethan found kindness in others and learned how to look for it in themselves." What does he mean by this? What thematic points lie under the simple words ot the sentence? Describe the mental processes by which knowledge of this kindness was achieved. How did this result in their finding kindness in themselves?

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