The View from Saturday

by E. L. Konigsburg

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In The View From Saturday, what are the major events in chronological order?

Expert Answers

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This is an excellent question because the author uses an unusual style, presenting events in a manner that is completely non-chronological.

These events take place before the Souls' sixth grade year:

- Mrs. Olinski is crippled in an accident.

- Noah Gershom is the best man at the wedding of Izzy Diamondstein and Margaret Draper at Century Village.

- The next summer, Nadia Diamondstein learns about turtles at Century Village.

These events take place during the Souls' sixth grade year:

- Ethan meets Julian on the bus.

- Julian invites Noah, Nadia, and Ethan to Sillington House for tea.

- Mrs. Olinski, who is having trouble adjusting to her sixth grade class, picks Noah to be on the Academic Team because of an essay he wrote, and is considering Nadia and Ethan.

- At a gathering at Sillington House, the Souls decide to help Mrs. Olinski.

- Nadia has her dog Ginger try out for the school play, Annie.

- Hamilton Knapp tries to sabotage Ginger so his dog can be in the play instead - his unkind behavior when Ginger gets the part causes Mrs. Olinski to eliminate him from consideration for the Academic Team.

- Mrs. Olinski is invited to Sillington House.

- Mrs. Olinski chooses Julian to complete the Academic Team, which already consists of Noah, Nadia, and Ethan.

- The sixth grade Souls win the Epiphany School Academic Team competition, beating the eighth grade in an unprecedented victory.

- The Souls beat Knightsbridge in the district championship meet.

- The Souls defeat Maxwell to win the state championship.

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