Vietnamese Literature Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Ai Nhu
Bau tren co dan [The Misunderstood Devotion] (drama) 1996

Anh Duc
Hon Dat [The Clod of Earth] (novel) 1966

Bang Viet
Bep Lua [The Fireplace] (poetry) 1968

Che Lan Vien
Anh Sang Va Phu Sa [Light and Allusions] (poetry) 1960
Hai Theo Mua [Seasonal Picking] (poetry) 1977

Chu Van
Bao Bien [Storm on the Sea] (novel) 1968
Dat Man [Saltworks] (novel) 1973

Dao Vu
Cai San Gach [The Brickyard] (novel) 1959
Vu Lua Chiem [The Rice of the Fifth Moon] (novel) 1960

Doan Quoc Si
Dong Song Dinh Menh [The River of Destiny] (novel) 1959–1963
Ba Sinh Huong Lua [A Life of Love] (novel) 1962

Dong Ho
Trinh Trang [Virginity and Candour] (poetry) 1961

Duong Thi Minh Huong
Bong Hoa Rung [The Flower of the Woods] (poetry) 1970

Giang Nam
Que Huong [The Native Village] (poetry) 1964
Nguoi Anh Hung Dong Thap [The Hero of the Plain of Rushes] (poetry) 1969

Hang Phuong
Huong Xuan [The Odour of Spring] (poetry) 1942
Mua Gat [The Harvest] (poetry) 1961

Hoang Ngoc Phach
To Tam (novella)...

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