The Vietnam War in Short Fiction Criticism: Robert Olen Butler: A Good Scent From A Strange Mountain (1992) - Essay

Monique T. D. Truong (essay date fall 1997)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Truong, Monique T. D. “The Reception of Robert Olen Butler's A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain: Ventriloquism and the Pulitzer Prize.” Viet Nam Forum 16 (fall 1997): 75-94.

[In the following essay, Truong examines Robert Olen Butler's characterizations of Vietnamese Americans in A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain.]

The white man is always trying to know into somebody else' business. All right, I'll set something outside the door of my mind for him to play with and handle. He can read my writing but he sho' can't read my mind. I'll put this play toy in his hand, and he will seize it and go away. Then I'll say my say and sing my...

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Erin E. Campbell Cash (essay date 2001)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Cash, Erin E. Campbell. “Locating Community in Contemporary Southern Fiction: A Cultural Analysis of Robert Olen Butler's A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain.” In Songs of the New South: Writing Contemporary Louisiana, edited by Suzanne Disheroon Green and Lisa Abney, pp. 37-45. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2001.

[In the following essay, Cash explores the concept of community in Robert Olen Butler's A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain within the context of Southern literature.]

The psychic blow of defeat in Vietnam shapes Southern survivors in ways similar to the effects of the idealized Lost Cause on Southern Renaissance writers. The...

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