Victorian Illustrated Fiction Criticism: Technical And Material Aspects Of Book Illustration - Essay

Geoffrey Wakeman (essay date 1973)

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Wakeman, Geoffrey. “Wood Engraving, 1850-1900.” In Victorian Book Illustration: The Technical Revolution, pp. 69-81. Newton Abbot, England: David & Charles, 1973.

[In the following essay, Wakeman describes the technical innovations affecting illustration and publishing in the latter half of the nineteenth century, including improvements in the printing press, electrotype, and photography. Wakeman stresses the difficulties in realizing the original vision of the artist in the published work.]


In the second half of the century two styles of wood engraving are discernible—the old vignette and a new style...

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Paul Goldman (essay date 1994)

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Goldman, Paul. “The Explosion in Popular Publishing.” In Victorian Illustrated Books, 1850-1870: The Heyday of Wood-Engraving, pp. 35-44. London: British Museum Press, 1994.

[In the following essay, Goldman discusses the factors contributing to the dramatic increase in illustrated fiction during the mid-nineteenth century. Goldman considers social and economic reasons as well as the technical developments that made increased production possible.]

The reasons why the 1860s saw such a growth in imaginative illustration, and indeed in illustration as a whole, must now be examined. This growth of creative illustration was paralleled in other areas, such as...

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